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King’s Cross Station Pre-Colored Book Nook Kit DIY


Harry Potter Book Nook Kit DIY – King’s Cross Station Pre-Colored.
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Harry Potter Book Nook Kit DIY – King’s Cross Station pre-colored
* Model used to:
– Decorate bookcases and set up workspaces.
– Exciting Harry Potter model assembling experience, precision engineered wooden joints.
– Birthday gifts, gifts for Harry Potter fans
– Gifts for book lovers, home decoration, workspace decoration
– Can replace the night light

*Product information:
– Material: fragrant birch wood
– Dimensions: Height 29.2cm x Width 12.4cm x Depth 20.3cm
– The kit is a self-assembled model, with assembly instructions included. LED lights, glue and accessories are included in the kit, you don’t need to prepare anything.
– Electricity supply :
+ Plug: 1.5m long plug. Suitable for display spaces where there are near electrical outlets
+ USB Jack: The USB jack can provide power for models from: chargers, computers, laptops, backup batteries…
+Battery: The battery used for the model is a rabbit battery (AA battery), easy to find and buy at supermarkets and convenience stores,
– Packing: 1 set of models / 1 specialized carton box of Polywoods brand – Shockproof foam / Waterproof nylon wrap.

+ Self-assembly: The kit includes a full set of assembly details, led lights, glue, power supply and accessories so that you can completely assemble the model without any further preparation.
+ Pre-assembled: the shop will assemble the model for you
+ Support assembly until you complete the model.

Age: 8 years old and up


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