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Ollivanders Wand Shop Model Book Nook Kit DIY


Harry Potter Book Nook Kit DIY – Ollivanders Wand Shop Model Book Nook Kit DIY

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Harry Potter Book Nook Kit DIY – Ollivanders Wand Shop Model Book Nook Kit DIY

The Ollivanders Book Block Model Kit is the product of more than 450 hours of ideation, design, testing and optimization by the professional design team of Polywoods.

  • Great gift for Harry Potter fan or book lover/home and workspace decorator.
  • When it’s finished and placed in your bookcase/desk, you won’t be able to stop looking at it.
  • If you love the feeling of building your own models, painting in your own style to create unique products and then show off or give to friends, this is exactly what you are looking for.
  • Version Notes

    •  Self-assembly: The kit includes a full set of assembly details, led lights, glue, power supply and accessories so that you can completely assemble the model without any additional preparation.
    • Pre-assembled: the shop will assemble the model for you
    • Notes on the power supply

    • Plug: 1.5m long plug. Suitable for display spaces where there are near electrical outlets
    • USB Jack: The USB jack can provide power for models from: chargers, computers, laptops, backup batteries…
    • Battery: The battery used for the model is a rabbit battery (AA battery), easy to find and buy at supermarkets and convenience stores, suitable for display space far from electrical outlets, convenient to move. You can use rechargeable batteries to save money and protect the environment.


    • Model size: Height 28cm x Width 20cm x Depth 19cm
    • Material: High quality birch plywood
    • Glue used: Model glue, not edible, non-toxic
    • Power source: 5V – DC/15W (You can use the USB port of your laptop, PC, Power bank, Plug it directly into the power outlet via the phone charger)
    • LED lights: 10,000 hours
    • Packing: 1 set of models / 1 specialized carton box of Polywoods brand – Shockproof foam / Waterproof nylon cover.
    • Support assembly until you complete the model.
    • Materials and fabrication

      All Polywoods model products are exquisitely crafted from high quality birch wood with beautiful grain, smooth surface, good elasticity, wood that is completely free of gray (small and pointed pieces) and solid. very fragrant. From high quality wood, details are cut out according to design using advanced laser cutting technology. The cutting strokes ensure sharpness, the pattern printed on the wood surface through the surface burning process will last forever on the wood surface, never fading

      Assembly instructions

      Each Polywoods model comes with a set of extremely intuitive and detailed 3D assembly instructions. You can easily assemble it step by step in a few hours to complete the model.

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