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Hogsmeade Village Book Block Model Book Nook Kit DIY


Harry Potter Book Nook Kit DIY – Hogsmeade Village Model Set

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Harry Potter Book Nook Kit DIY – Hogsmeade Village Model Set

Polywoods takes you to visit a corner of the famous Hogsmeade village in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Where the magic shops are too familiar to those who have once been immersed in the magical world of Harry Potter. Zonko joke shop, Three Brooms shop, Duke of Honey shop… are vividly described through every detail assembled along a neat paved road. Standing at the top of the village was the dimly lit Hogwarts castle, standing proudly on the distant mountain snout.

All your questions about the product will be answered right below!

1/ What material is the model set?

– The model set is made of birch wood, the wood that Polywoods uses is a very high-class and very expensive birch plywood, this wood helps each cut detail when produced will be very sharp, not smoked, beautiful wood grain and especially very fragrant!

2/ Model size after assembly?

– The finished model kit will have dimensions: Height 25cm x Width 11.5cm x Depth 22cm . The height and depth are equivalent to a book

3/ What about lights and electrical parts?

– The kit includes a full set of lights and power sources (jacks or batteries), you don’t have to prepare anything else. All lights are already connected to the jack, you just need to connect them to the power source with a simple movement like plugging in the phone charger. The power supply of the model kit is 5V which is very safe.

Product information:

– The assembly kit includes 514 wooden parts arranged in 9 assembly boards from A to H. Sensitive parts are made redundant so that you can replace them when accidentally broken/lost
– The product set includes full details and accessories such as: Glue, led light, USB power jack, bamboo pole…you don’t need to prepare anything else
– The set of 3D color assembly instructions is very detailed and direct mandarin. High quality assembly instruction picture file will be sent to you by the shop after successful delivery.
– The LED system is smartly and safely designed, easy to assemble and connect by jack (no need to solder)

– The kit includes snow powder and snow glue

– Number of boards and puzzle pieces: 9 boards (AH) – 514 puzzle pieces

– Glue: Model glue, non-stick, odorless, non-toxic

– Ultra-thin, super-bright led lights, built-in jacks

– Power source: 5V-DC/15W – USB jack up to 3 meters long (connects to USB port of laptop/ PC/ Backup battery/ Plugs directly into power outlet via phone charger)

– Visual 3D assembly instruction image file

– Sensitive parts have excess quantity in case of breakage/lost during assembly.

– Polywoods supports you throughout the product assembly and finishing process.

– The kit includes both snow powder and snow glue.

Version Notes:

– Self-assembly: The kit includes a full set of assembly details, led lights, glue, power supply and accessories so you can completely assemble the model without any further preparation.

– Pre-assembled: shop pre-assembled the model for you

– Model + paint: The full kit comes with 6 bottles of 100ml Acrylic colors Red – Blue – Green – Black – White – Yellow from these 6 colors you can mix 1001 different colors according to the instructions of the artist. shop. Set of 12 high-quality paintbrushes, color mixing palette, coloring instructions.

The assembled parts are pre-cut, you just need to gently lift your finger to remove them from the board, each part is individually numbered, you assemble the model according to the included 3D assembly instructions (Scan code) QR on the product to access the assembly instruction image file). Colored versions are customers’ coloring and feedback to the shop, you can completely color and create a personalized version of the model by coloring according to the coloring instructions included in the kit. product.

Order only one set, what are you waiting for ^^

Wood parts are re-issued by Polywoods free of charge (excluding shipping fees) applicable to all Polywoods assembled model products <3

Order only one set, what are you waiting for ^^


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