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Magic Alley Book Nook Kit DIY


Harry Potter Book Nook Kit DIY. Magic Alley model assembly kit. Magic Alley Book Nook Kit DIY

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Harry Potter Book Nook Kit DIY. Magic Alley model assembly kit

Still Diagon Alley but in a different perspective!

– Where are the Potterheads most wanted in the wizarding world?
– Of course it’s Hogwarts!!!
– So where is the place the Potterheads want to go MONDAY?
– It must be Diagon Alley, nothing else

Diagon Alley is a miniature version of the famous street in the novel series adapted into the famous Harry Potter film series by writer JK Rowling. Each magic shop is meticulously expressed through each assembly detail, with the pattern of typical European classical architecture, vividly reproducing the magical alley. Instead of being filled with magical items like in the movies, the Polywoods Diagon Alley book block model set is full of shimmer and extremely fanciful. In addition to being a book stopper, Diagon Alley is also a very beautiful and impressive decoration for your bookcase or desk.

Pre-cut assembly parts, easy to disassemble

With nearly 100 wood assembly details. Individually numbered parts come with extremely detailed assembly instructions with intuitive 3D graphics. Makes the finished product assembly extremely easy in 3-4 hours. The wood details are meticulously designed and precisely crafted, spread across the boards. Related elements are arranged close together on each panel and are easily disassembled with just the right touch of a finger. On some details, the patterns or content of words, logos, images are engraved on the wooden surface extremely delicately.

Smart and safe design LED lighting system

In each kit, there are lights and power supplies available, complete for you to install the finished product as shown in the picture of Polywoods.

Connecting the lamp to the power source is also extremely simple. The connectors are designed in the form of male-female jacks, making connecting them as simple as plugging in a phone charger without any additional soldering. The LED system is also smartly designed so that when one light fails, all the remaining lights are still on. The power source of the assembled model is x4 small batteries (AA batteries) so it’s very safe, you can rest assured to put the model in the middle of the bookcase without having to worry about fire or short circuit.

 All your questions about the product will be answered right below!

1/ What material is the model set?
– The model set is made of birch wood, the wood that Polywoods uses is a very high-grade and very expensive birch plywood, this wood helps each cut detail when produced will be very sharp, not smoked, beautiful wood grain and especially very fragrant!
2/ Model size after assembly?
– The finished model set will have dimensions: 20.2cm high – 13.2cm wide – 17cm deep. The height and depth are equivalent to a book
. Product information:
– 70 pre-cut assemblies
– Assembled with specialized modeling adhesive.
The electrical system is intelligently designed, safe, and easy to assemble. The led light clusters are pre-assembled into led panels, connected to the source by a Male – Female connector, so the connection is as simple as plugging in a phone charger.
– Detailed assembly instructions.

Version Notes:

– Self-assembly: The kit includes a full set of assembly details, led lights, glue, power supply and accessories so you can completely assemble the model without any further preparation.

– Pre-assembled: shop pre-assembled the model for you

– Model + paint: The full kit comes with 6 bottles of 100ml Acrylic colors Red – Blue – Green – Black – White – Yellow from these 6 colors you can mix 1001 different colors according to the instructions of the artist. shop. Set of 12 high-quality paintbrushes, color mixing palette, coloring instructions.

The assembled parts are pre-cut, you just need to gently lift your finger to remove them from the board, each part is individually numbered, you assemble the model according to the included 3D assembly instructions (Scan code) QR on the product to access the assembly instruction image file). Colored versions are customers’ coloring and feedback to the shop, you can completely color and create a personalized version of the model by coloring according to the coloring instructions included in the kit. product.


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